Monday, July 19, 2004

Rationing and Germany and Famine


So much for rationing policy. Is it possible that the fertile land of Germany could only sustain half the calories that an adult needs to stay healthy? A third or a quarter of what an athlete needs? This is so close to famine, really.

This was 1946 and what happend two years of unnecessary suffering later, when the price controls were discontinued and the foundations of the modern (but now degenerative) economic system was laid down on recommendation of few Austrian-style economist:

The effect on the German economy was electric. Wallich wrote: "The spirit of the country changed overnight. The gray, hungry, dead-looking figures wandering about the streets in their everlasting search for food came to life. - David R. Henderson

This is the same old story. Mess around with the market and you will induce human suffering. Pic borrowed from The CounterRevolutionary.

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