Saturday, July 17, 2004

Chaotic ramblings

Bjarni has some interesting posts on the CPI, but as we all know, inflation is not the same as a raise in prices or the CPI.

Here is a nice piece by George Orwell on nationalism. A must read.

A few new updates on my dicatorial page. Evil stuff.

I saw Micael Moore in an old film of his and this confirmed what I always knew: he eats at McDonalds. The film is called 'the big one'.

'DDT is good'. Try to say this to anyone and observe the reaction. What is more important, a dead bird or a dead baby.

Geir thinks nazis are on the left.

In Sky News I learned that in the UK there are plans for something called 'congestion tax', or something like that. A tax on (the owners of) cars, the more congestion the more tax revenue for the government. Ok, lets look past the fact that this will mean that the government make more money if it does not build new roads. This will mean that, on top on all other car-related taxes, some individuals will have to pay up to 170 Pounds per month if this plan will go through.

Simlar control measures are being planned in Iceland.

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