Sunday, June 27, 2004

Of interest

The Icelandic blogger Bjarni now has an english blog, Great Auk. He has a nice summary on the economic performance of Iceland during the past decades, but many of our friends on both sides of the Atlantic could learn one thing or two.

John Ray is ever prolific and has a nice link to an article on sociable psychopaths, that he wrote decades ago. Now as ever, quite relevant. It is common event for me to discover that some politician, businessman or some other person that I encounter is most definitely a psychopath. As John describes in his article, psychopaths often have positive characteristics such as outgoing and charming personalities. It is instinctive for many (if not all) of them to agree with everyone, if it fits their purpose at that particular moment. A politician that I know of always says, "yes, I can do this for you", when he is talking to voters. What happens later is irrelevant.

Dick McDonald writes about Saddam's WMD that have been popping up in the various places. Interesting stuff, but should not be surprising given David Key's report in January.

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