Thursday, May 27, 2004

Lazy town, the new-new economy

Recently Iceland got an new Institution, Lýðheilsustofnun, but it could be called the Public Health Institution or something like that in English. I would like to post a link to their website, but I can´t. There is none. Almost a year after they started operation for the institution that is intended to publish health informationion (among other important things), there is no website.

However, what they have managed to do is push their way into the media to agitate for special taxes for unhealthy foodexactlycactly this should be done is not well planned, and neither is how to deal with the substituted farm products, but most of those are far from healthy.

These muddled ideas are nothing compared to the private initiative taken by a local health-fittness guru. He started immensly popular concept of a town full of lazy and fat people, that a super-fittness hero helps bring to fitness. The children love it and now we have a tv version on the way. The picture above shows how the lazy-town economy works, but children get health coupons if they do a good job in staying fit and eating healthy, and and they can use the coupons for savings in the banking system. This economic system, strangely, works.

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